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Yasemen Latife Ayvaz

The artist was born in 1970 in Izmir. Secondary and high school education at Private Yükseliş College
After graduating from Bilkent University in 1995, he graduated from the Department of American Culture and Literature.
He graduated.

He continued his artistic studies for 12 years as Painter-Academician Assist. Assoc. Seyit Mehmet Bucukoglu
(Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts). The artist has his productions in Istanbul.
it shapes it as lyrical abstractions with admiration.
The fact that his works are reminiscent of a landscape or an image of a city in abstract spotty,
colors, textures and layers that create cultural, ethnic and society in the triangle of city, people and life
blending with values, containing traces and details from them, to all these realities as artistic
It contains the meanings attributed to the point of view.

The artist of Bosnian origin, as a new generation contemporary painter, treats the artistic
the artist in his productions, overlooked details that we do not notice in the chaos and chaos of the city,
sometimes from the surface of a wall, sometimes from the puffed paint of a boat, wood, stone or
is also inspired by the stains on any object. Color, paint, material and painting for the artist
Every surface to be made or every detail to be painted has an important place. In this context, for the artist
experimentation also includes an indispensable process.

The artist brought his contemporary artistic productions together with the audience in various personal and group exhibitions. Important
The artist, whose works are in the collections, continues his productions in his own workshop.

Exhibitions he attended

Akyol Art Gallery 2015 Mixed Exhibition
Beşiktaş Art Gallery 2016 Mixed Exhibition
Lotus Art Gallery 2017 Mixed Exhibition
Art Ankara March 2018 Gallery Millennium
Gallery Fe April 2018 Solo Exhibition
Gallery Fe August 2018 Mixed Exhibition
Hamam Arts Hub - Gallery Millennium 2018 Group Exhibition
Art Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki) 2018 Mixed Exhibition
Art Blend 2019 Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul
Art Blend 2019 Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul
Lux Mixed Exhibition 2019 London
2020 Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul
'' Frequency Exhibition '' Arthgallery Bodrum 2020 Solo Exhibition
2021 Virtual Contemporary Istanbul - Gallery Millennium

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