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Love Erda

He studied painting, sculpture, mosaic and engraving at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna and the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.


His paintings, mostly oil paints and acrylics, his sculptures created in Florence, Milan, Ancona, Zurich and Cambridge with the techniques he has devoted himself more to and completely unique for the last 10 years, are in Istanbul, in the Algerian cultural center, Esma Sultan It was exhibited in the mansion and in Bodrum.


In addition, hyperreal sculptures of world famous names and statesmen are in many museums of Turkey and  Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

is exhibited..


He made cartoons and documentary films for rock bands on the Italian channel Rai2.


In the 1980s, he made the covers of the famous rock bands Sensations fix and Perigeo in Italy, the record covers of the famous Waves band in England, and the covers of Vogue magazine in Italy and Vision magazine in Turkey.


Entering the fashion world, she created creative make-up works with top models and, as a fashion designer, she created design accessory collections for famous companies such as Enrico Coveri, Biblos, Genny, You Young, Linea Ur-khan.


He has been living in Italy since he was 14 years old.


While Sevgi Erdaha transforms her unraveled dreams, legends and stories into aesthetic objects by using natural materials in her personal style, her dreams and subconscious accompanies her. The magic that occurs at the fingertips maintains the movement of a fearless and silent time in the creation process. It handles more human-specific features. These lost faces, timeless and spaceless, are almost members of a community that controls each other. The works that we watch as if passing through a gateway that opens the artist's dreams, and this depth created by his instinctiveness, are also an adventure for us. 

The imaginary order in Erdaha's sculptures is a mixture of "self as other" and "self and other". While he is observing his dreams and emotions in a mental confinement, he finds form in his sculptures, and natural materials accompany him in his journey towards the inward and the unknown. His journey in a universe of his own merges with his fellow travelers, intellect and intuition, and is shaped in sculptures. 

The artist proceeds on a path starting from the creation process, conveying the experiences of decades. 

Between the stops of this long road, he examines his relationship with the society he lives in, as well as how he is fed by universal currents of thought. We watch his sculptures with a parade outside of time, space and causality. 

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