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Born in 1984 in Izmir (Turkey), the artist graduated from “Işılay Saygın High School of Fine Arts” and earned her graduate degree on Fine Arts at “Dokuz Eylul University, Buca Faculty of Education, Painting Dept.” in 2006.  She held two solo exhibitions in Turkey and also participated in several group exhibitions. Evrensel was granted the “International Youngest Artist Award” at Universiade Art Workshop in 2005.  Her works of art are held in a few private collections. The artist, currently living in İzmir, continues her art works in her own studio.


The artist adapts complicated concepts to the present drawing certain symbols on human bodies, thereby bringing a contemporary interpretation onto classical canvas painting in her works. Evrensel conveys all the traces of time to the audience with exaggerated body details on figures. Figures, irrespective of location, find themselves a place among the concepts of power, weakness and balance in the vast emptiness of the universe. Reflecting a time-machine effect from past to present, she brings contrasts together. Evrensel also brings together unspoken complex concepts and emotions on a common language.

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