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Ilknur Şanal 1964 Corlu


1982 Academy Preparation-Painting and Sculpture Museum-Artist, Painter, Instructor Yusuf Taktak and in his private workshop with the painter and instructor Prof. Cihat Aral.

1982 -1987 Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University -Textile Design Department

1993-97 He did free art works with Yusuf Taktak in the special 'Üçgen Atelier'.

1995 MSGSÜ Painting Department took courses - Graduated 1st year. Prof. Fuat Acaroğlu, Prof. Özdemir Altan




1986 1st Solo Exhibition (poster, invitation), French Cultural Center-Istanbul,

1997 2nd Solo Exhibition, (poster), Istanbul (İ.Ü.GSB.) Kuyucu Murat Paşa Madrasa- Beyazıt, İstanbul,

2013 3rd Solo Exhibition, 'Puzzle', Endless Şükran Village - IV. Sergeant Art Festival - Sergeant, Hüyük, Konya

2017 4th Solo Exhibition 'Collages' Endless Thanksgiving Village-VII. Thanksgiving Meetings for Anatolia - Sergeant, Hüyük, Konya




1994 Girne Ballapais Monastery - UFACSİ (international women artists) association,

1994 Valanciya-Spain- UFACSI association (catalog),



ITU Taşkışla-Rotary-Üçgen, İstanbul,

Workshop Üçgen at Foks Theater, Istanbul,

1996 Istanbul-Habitat II. Beşiktaş-MSÜ-Alumni Association,

1996 Young Activity II.-Tüyap - 'Dormitory-Abortionism' Event UPSD (catalog),


Painting and Sculpture Museum, Atölye Üçgen, İzmir,

Young Activity III. UPSD Mixed 'Chaos' Event (catalog), Istanbul,

Broderi Narin Gallery, Istanbul,

UFACSI - Brussels Royal Town Hall, Belgium


Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum, Workshop Üçgen, Ankara

İşbank Painting Competition nomination (catalog), Ankara

2007… MIXED Exhibitions continued:

İDSGA'80 I. Mixed Exhibition MSGSF Fındıklı (Poster, invitation), İstanbul

Istanbul French Cultural Center Uçhisar Art Meeting Mixed Exhibition-Uçhisar, Nevşehir


İDSGA'80 İstanbul-u-review- II. Exhibition - MSGSF Fındıklı (Poster, invitation), İstanbul

İDSGA'80 'İstanbul-u-comment' Atilla İlhan Culture Center-III. Exhibition (poster, invitation), Istanbul


Istanbul-'Smiling Faces' Mixed - Dolmabahçe Palace-Depo Museum Art Gallery,

Istanbul-Cihangir Art,

İDSGA'80 İstanbul-u-comment - III. Mixed- MSGSÜ Fındıklı (Poster, invitation)

Ankara Çağsav -İDSGA'80 İstanbul-u-review - IV. Exhibition (poster, invitation)

Antalya Akdeniz University- İDSGA'80 İstanbul-u-review - IV. Exhibition (poster, invitation),

İDSGA'80 İstanbul-u-Yorum - V. Sergi-Kastamonu Rıfat Ilgaz Cultural Center,

İDGSA'80 - Kastamonu Rıfat Ilgaz- 90th year women's photography exhibition,


İstanbul-İDSGA'80 İstanbul-u-comment VI. Mixed Exhibition-MSGSF Fındıklı (Poster, invitation),

Ankara Çağsav- İDSGA'80 İstanbul-u-review - VII. Karma, (poster, invitation),

Antalya Akdeniz University- İDSGA'80 İstanbul-u-review - VIII. Karma, (poster, invitation),


Sema Bicik Atölye, 'If 34 galleries become artist' event,

Gallery Millennium Art Bosphorus contemporary art fair - mixed exhibition,

City Museum-Yıldız Palace-IDGSA80 -Istanbul Reflections mixed (Catalog, poster, invitation)

Antrepo-Istanbul Summer Exhibition-Mixed- Timeout / White art (catalog, poster, invitation)

Uç Fortress- Karlık Evi Art Meeting Summer Exhibition

Anatolian Meetings II. Exhibition-Endless Thanksgiving Village-Sergeant-Konya

Anatolian Meetings III. Cumra - Konya

Anatolian Meetings IV. Mersin art house, Mersin.


Anatolian Meetings V. In the trail of Çorum-Sphinx

Anatolian Meetings VI. Army

2013 -18. Art Athina contemporary art fair Athens - Greece - Gallery Millennium

2014 -19.Art Athina contemporary art fair Athens- Greece – Gallery Millennium

2015 - Bodrum Biennial Participation

2016- 21.Art Athina contemporary art fair Athens-Greece – Gallery Millennium

2017-1.Art Thessaloniki contemporary art fair-Thessaloniki-Greece -– Gallery Millennium

2020- 'Geveze Show Tells Osman Hamdi Bey' Project and Dress / Design: İlknur Şanal- HAH-GB




1998- İşbank Ankara Painting Competition Honorable Mention (Catalog) Exhibited.


  • 1997 May - İlke Ersöz daughter was born.

  • 1999 Gallery Millennium Establishment; Gallery During the Millennium… (90 personal exhibitions, 70 group exhibitions, 60 fairs, 2 books, 40 catalogs… The gallery has been participating in international art fairs from 10 years.)

  • 2009… Konya –Çavuş is in the Art Village Art Board of 'Endless Thanksgiving Village'.

  • He has given his works to many private collectors and provides art consultancy services.

  • He has been collecting paintings since 1992.

  • He has been continuing his painting and conceptual-performance works in his private workshop since 1984.

  • 1984-1989 He made textile pattern works.

  • 1989-1991 Sultanahmet Green House and Arasta Bazaar operated a touristic artistic textile handicraft shop.

  • Foreign language-English

  • 3-17 September - 1st International Sergeant-Land art SŞK Event Curator-Sergeant, Hüyük, Konya

  • 2017-VII. Thanksgiving Meetings for Anatolia- Wooden workshop consultant-Sergeant, Hüyük, Konya

  • 2017-2018 Intermed-Affidea Group Art Consultancy

  • 2018-2021 Hamam Arts Hub Building Art Consultancy

  • She is interested in students in the field of fine arts.

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